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Serving Surprise, El Mirage and Phoenix, AZ areas

Mustard Seed Herbary is owned and managed by Ellen Griswold, a certified Herb Specialist and Natural Health Professional. She learned early in life how important good eating habits and nutritional supplements are to supporting good health, and as a young adult was interested in keeping well through nutrition. When a family member became seriously ill, the search for alternative healing methods intensified. After seeing how helpful good quality, appropriate supplements can be, it became important for her to share experiences and knowledge in order to help others receive the benefits of nutrition for better health.

Ellen completed her training with Nutritional Resources as a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) in 1999 and continues to attend seminars and conferences across the nation to further her knowledge. The highlight of her training career was when Nature’s Sunshine Products took a group of herbalists to visit China and learn more about the respected and ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine firsthand.

Ellen also teaches classes on a variety of health-related topics at the Mustard Seed Herbary as well as upon request, in the Phoenix, AZ communities. “I’ve taken a lot of formal classes and workshops on natural health, but really the best teacher is first-hand experience with various herbs as well as learning from the experiences of those we help in our business,” says owner Ellen Griswold. “We learn so much from our clients, especially those we work with through in-depth health consultations.”

Ellen also works closely with other aspiring entrepreneurs in getting their own health business or retail/online store started. “The natural health business is a great business to have, as so many people are beginning to see the benefits of herbs and other natural therapies. It is hard work, but very rewarding to help others be successful,” she says.

Staff members of the Mustard Seed Herbary are also herb specialists and actively participate in community events and educational classes. Wendy W. has been employed at the MSH since 2007. Her dedication to helping customers improve their nutritional lifestyle thru the Compass scan has been invaluable as she teaches our customers about what their body needs. Paula S. loves an active lifestyle and knows first hand how important nutrition is to energy and good health. She is an avid natural health advocate and loves to learn and share new ways to be healthier!