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Mystic Maid Cleaning Cloth

The original all-purpose microfiber cleaning cloth! This cloth wipes up the competition easily, on mirrors, glass and chrome. Made of a nylon-poly fiber with split threads, there are millions of tiny hooks and channels to nab dirt. Just wet the cloth, wring it out and get cleaning! There’s no chemicals or soap to use and no residue or streaking. This 19 ¾” by 13” cloth is available in four popular colors.

Wacky Wonder Ball from Mystic Wonders, Inc.

Good for about 2 years or 2000 loads, this laundry aid saves you money and the environment! Just throw the ball in your washing machine and enjoy non-toxic, non-irritating, softer, brighter clothes without chemicals. How does it work? The rubber ball contains a proprietary liquid mineral formula, which when agitated in the washing machine creates a piezoelectric charge. This energy releases the surface tension of the water (much like a surfactant or soap). When this happens, the water becomes very fine and is able to pass through the fibers of the fabric. It is this fine water that cleans.

Sunshine Concentrate, Nature's Fresh & Essential Oils

Use these natural ingredients for all your toxic-free cleaning for your home, laundry and automobiles. These effective, pH balanced, general purpose products are bio-degradeable agents that break down easily in the environment. Essential oils add antiseptic properties and are a great addition to natural cleaning products as it destroys disease-causing pathogens and eliminates stains and odors.

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